Te Iwi Matihiko

A values-based approach to digital wellbeing

"Digital wellbeing considers the impact technology, digital services and platforms have on people’s mental, physical, social and spiritual health.”

Te Iwi Matihiko helps young people, their whānau and teachers understand the positive and negative impacts that
digital spaces play on our overall wellbeing.


Te Iwi Matihiko is unique and was codesigned by tamariki and rangatahi, with key modules based directly on the needs they highlighted and wanted to be included. Key workshops are co-delivered by rangatahi.


Our programme provides a foundation on which the key values of mana (respect), manaaki (caring for others) and kaitiakitanga (guardianship) can be explored and activated.


The proliferation of "fake news" has impacted communities across the world, Te Iwi Matihiko ensures that young people and their families are better able to asses online information and critically analyse what they read.


Te Iwi Matihiko is a value-based approach to digital wellbeing. The programme aims to introduce tamariki (9yrs-11yrs), rangatahi (12yrs+) and pakeke (adults) to the key tools they will need to safely navigate social media and online gaming while they learn to understand their own wellbeing using Sir Mason Durie’s Te Whare Tapa Whā Model of Health.


Resources for this programme include the following, karakia, curriculum guide, evalution framework, 5 lesson plans, 4 activity sheets, 5 video intros and 5 scripts.

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